June 18, 2010

New Books!

I’m so in love with these new books, they make great sign in books for your reception and it’s the perfect way to display an engagement session. Both of these books are going to be used as sign in books so I’ve left a good bit of blank space in the layouts.

The books are available in 7×7, 8×10, 12×12 and 13×11 sizes. The smaller book is 8×10 and the larger one here is 12×12. You have the option of a dust jacket or wrap around image for your cover. Both come with your name on the spine and a photo on the back cover.

The 12×12 is a pretty good size, particularly when you consider my model/babysitter Harriett is 6 feet tall.

The small books also make great thank you gifts and parent’s albums, and all of the books can hold up to 160 pages. Yep, that’s a lot of pictures.

Image 01 Image 02 Image 03 Image 04 Image 05 Image 06 Image 07 Image 08 Image 09 Image 10